About us

We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together on every project to ensure our clients get the very best result.

Our Mission

Dairy, Agriculture & Livestock Farmers Association (DALFA) is the inspiring network of progressive and ambitious farmers. The association members exchange knowledge, experience and business opportunities. The ultimate objectives of DALFA is to establish strong bonding amongst all the stakeholders in the private and public sector with farmers which ultimately will result in leading to substantial increase in the national economy of Pakistan and draw attention to the underline benefits and investment opportunities in respective industries.

Our Values

INTEGRITY : We act ethically in all matters without exception.
PASSION : We are passionate about the land we are charged to protect, the animals we care for, the employees we work with, our Cooperative and the communities we serve.
QUALITY : We are committed to quality – the quality of our farms, our plants, our products, our brands, our services and our way of doing business.
COMMUNITY : We are a community of Pakistan family farmers and employees bound by our shared values. We understand our impact on society and our role as part of the billion-person-strong global dairy community.


DALFA advocates on behalf of dairy industry in Pakistan to ensure protection and safe guards their interests. We aim to promote healthy and safe practices of milking cows, packaging and delivering.



Pakistan heavily relies on agriculture as a source of employment and exports. DALFA aims to speak on behalf of all the stake holders related to agriculture and also educate them about opportunities and advancement in the field. In the long term DALFA wants to provide a conducive environment for agriculture sector to flourish in Pakistan.


Livestock consists of by product of agricultural farming thus it compliments previously mentioned industry of dairy and agriculture. There is enormous potential Pakistan’s livestock industry that needs to be cultivated strategically by engaging with relevant stakeholders on all levels.


Agriculture is considered the backbone of Pakistan’s economy, which relies heavily on its major crops. Pakistan’s principal natural resources are arable land and water.